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Commercial Snow Removal, What To Know

Our Snow Removal Services

The winter season in the Midwest can take a toll on businesses. Customers expect your driveways and parking lots to be clear of snow. Our Lemont and Palos Park snow removal team can help you keep your business running. We use high-tech equipment and smart techniques to keep your business free of snow. Instead of closing your business due to snow, we will remove snow quickly and efficiently for your business to stay open.

Benefits Of Hiring Snow Removal Team

Avoid Losing Income - Not only will customers not be able to visit your business, but snow buildup will make it difficult for employees to travel or park at the business. This could result in having to close your business and lose income. Our New Lenox, IL snow removal team will help you avoid this issue during the winter season. 
Prevent Accidents - Snow can be hazardous for your customers and your employees. When ice forms from melted and refrozen snow, it is easy for someone to slip and fall. This could make your business liable for injuries because your parking lot or walkways were not safe. Our team will ensure your property doesn’t pose a potential hazard to anyone. 
Avoid Fines or Penalties - If you have multiple properties, it can be hard to make sure your properties are following local snow removal laws. Commercial property owners may not have the time or the right equipment to remove the snow efficiently to be compliant with laws. With our Orland Park, IL team, you will always be following the snow removal laws in your area without having to worry. 
Save Time - Instead of trying to remove snow on multiple properties in one day, Groundskeeper Landscape Care is here to help you. We will take on the hard work while you put your time towards your business. 

De-Ice Your Walkways to Avoid Falls

While snow can be dangerous in the wintertime, ice can be a worse issue to handle during cold weather. When ice forms on walkways, parking lots, or other heavy foot traffic areas, customers or employees have the potential to slip and fall. This could lead to someone injuring themselves on your property, which you would become responsible for.

Black ice is a clear type of ice formed on roads. Because the ice is clear, it can be hard for drivers to tell that there is ice present. The ice will become slippery when it starts to warm up throughout the day. Black ice can easily cause accidents. Our Lockport and Homer Glen teams will de-ice your property for the safety of everyone present.

To avoid any accidents or falls, we use the best equipment and techniques for dealing with Chicago winter weather. You don’t have to worry about removing ice when you hire Groundskeeper Landscape Care. We arrive at your property on time, so your business can continue to be open.

Salt Your Sidewalks To Remove Snow

Our New Lenox commercial property will be safe when you choose our timely professional salting services. Salt allows tires and pedestrians to gain traction on slippery areas. This will help minimize the risk of accidents or falls. Before heavy snowfall hits, it is important to salt your sidewalks, parking lots, and other walkways to decrease the difficulty of removing the snow.

Your Palos Park, IL commercial property will be ready before the snow hits when you hire our team. This will ease your stress and worry about having to tackle removing snow the next day. If you need help putting salt on your property or removing snow, we can help you. 

We Can Relocate Your Accumulated Snow

Although accumulated snow is typical for the Midwest, it can be a problem for businesses. Large, dirty piles of snow can be unsightly, can take up valuable parking space, and can cause moisture problems when the snow melts. Whether you want your snow moved to a different location on the property or off-site, our Orland Park team can help you.

Our heavy-duty equipment will help get rid of accumulated snow on your property and move it to an area of your business where there is not a lot of traffic. This will allow your business to be more visible and safer for everyone. Relocating a lot of snow can be a tough job for one person and be time-consuming. If you do not have extra space to put the snow, we can move it offsite and away from your business. Our Lemont, IL, team will deal with the hassle and stress of removing the snow so you don’t have to.

Stress-Free Snow Removal Every Time

If your business or commercial property is in Lockport, IL, or in the surrounding area, Groundskeeper Landscape Care will remove your snow. There is no job too big or small for us to handle. With almost 30 years of service, we will be there when the winter weather starts. Our team provides the best customer service and is honest with our clients. Avoid breaking out the shovel or snowplow and let us do the heavy lifting. Give us a call today or fill out the form below to request a free quote for any of our snow removal services.